TOP Visiting Places In Vietnam

  1. Hoi An                                                                                                    

    Hoi An food is world-famous and central Vietnam is a big producer of quality sea food.This incredibly picturesque riverside city is something of a tourist hot spot these days, combing the charms of the Old Town with its ancient buildings, tailor’s shops and Hoi An central market with nearby rice paddies and beaches.   there are various places of interest to keep you busy, throw a pot at the pottery village, take a free Vietnamese lesson or one of the many local eco tours. My Son Sanctuary and Marble Mountain are a short day trip from Hoi An and Hue is accessible by tour, bus or train.The nearest large city, Danang, is about 45 minutes away and is another beach-side tourist draw, popular with family holiday-makers.

  2. Ha Long Bay                                                                                          
    If you are looking for a magical location in Vietnam, then you cannot go past Ha Long Bay in the north of the country.                                  With emerald-green waters, limestone islands and mystical caves, all while touring on Junk Boats, Ha Long Bay draws travellers to her every day and is certainly one of our favourites in South East Asia.    From day tours through to tours that keep you entertained for 2 days 3 nights, we highly recommend the latter.                                            Sleeping on a Junk Boat, while doing day visits to floating villages, taking rowing tours, and getting to jump off the boat into the cool refreshing water, is so relaxing and fun plus gives you a great insight to local living and seeing nature’s beauty up close.                              No matter what your budget, we highly recommend you choose your junk boat tour wisely and spend a few extra dollars to get a better experience and higher quality boat.

  3. Sapa                                                                                                       
    Home to Vietnam’s highest peak (Fan Si Pan, which soars 3143m above sea level) Sapa is a must-see destination for nature lovers. The people of Sapa started welcoming tourists as far back as the early 1900s, when French colonists used it to escape the searing heat of Vietnam’s lowlands. During the 1940s, Vietnamese independence fighters drove the French from the region and it wasn’t until a few decades ago that tourists started to return to Sapa.            Within easy reach of Hanoi, by overnight bus or train, Sapa is now one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations.                             In Sapa, the magnificent purple mountains sink away into deep valleys, where terraced rice paddies feed the imagination — and the local population. Many ethnic minorities, including the H’Mong, the Dao and the Dai, make their homes in small hidden villages among these hills. Be mindful of travelling ethically in Vietnam and in this delicate region.For tourists, the big draw is the chance to trek along Sapa’s stunning valleys and mountains. It makes an excellent antidote to the hectic pace of life in Hanoi and is still a great place to escape the heat. Taking a multi-day trek between village homestays will give you the chance to immerse yourself in a slower pace of life, stretch your legs on the mountain tracks, and indulge in shots of the locally-made rice wine. It burns a little as it goes down but is perfect way to loosen your muscles after a long day of walking.

  4. Mai Chau                                                                                        

    Beautiful green rice fields dominate the Mai Chau valley in Vietnam. With a little elevation, the heat and humidity which can zap your energy in Vietnam is not as oppressive in this lush, picture postcard perfect valley.About 4 hours’ drive southwest of Hanoi, the Mai Chau valley provides a perfect way to experience rural Vietnam. There are a few hotels available in the valley or homestays with a local village family are popular in the area. Many of the local villagers have Thai heritage and the wooden homes are built on stilts.                              Biking and hiking are popular activities for visitors, but the real attraction of Mai Chau is the scenery and a chance to relax and enjoy a bit of nature especially if you have been in the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

  5. Phu Quoc Island                                                                           
    Phu Quoc is the largest island of Vietnam, however, surprisingly enough it’s actually located just 15 kilometers off the coast of Cambodia. When I visited this lovely little island back in 2015 it was still unspoiled, with beautiful beaches, little villages, and red dirt roads.The Northeast of the Island is where you can find Phu Quoc National Park, a dense jungle with tropical trees and monkeys (if you are lucky!). In the South, you can find famous Sao beach, with crystal white sand and a beautiful blue ocean. Altogether Phu Quoc is a wonderful place to spend a couple of days!

  6. Mekong Delta                                                                                
    The Mekong Delta is located in the south of Vietnam and is a warren of rivers, rice fields, and floating markets. Much of the transportation in the area takes place on boats. It’s easily accessible as a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City, but staying overnight will give you more of a taste for the “rice bowl” of Vietnam and all it has to offer.Bustling towns contrast with the calmness of floating down the rivers that maze across the lush green landscape. Take a boat trip to the working floating markets and see floating and stifled houses. Life in the Mekong revolves around the waterways. Don’t forget to try a freshly cut coconut!

  7. Nha Trang                                                                                      
    Visiting large cities in Vietnam can be a bit overwhelming until you get used to them. You may need even a getaway from the hectic pace.One good escape is the town of Nha Trang, located in the middle of the country on the coast. It’s well-known for having some of the best “beach culture” in the country and is also a diving destination for scuba divers looking for decent diving in Vietnam. Years of poverty and wars have turned the once pristine Vietnam coastline into somewhat of a less-desirable diver destination. However, there are still plenty of places to dive in Nha Trang, where enthusiasts will find everything from small critters to turtles and cuttlefish.Not a beach person? Head out to see some of Nha Trang’s historical sites, like the famous Big Buddha. Immerse yourself in the cultural experience and take a Vietnamese cooking class at Lanterns Restaurant

  8. Hanoi                                                                                                     
     Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, has been used over the centuries as the centre of power for both local and foreign rulers. For almost 800 years, until 1802, Vietnamese dynasties ruled from here. Between 1883 and 1945, the French used it as the de facto capital of French Indochina.It means that today you’ll find a city where Asian and European influences blend together with historical sites, cultural centres, and modern national monuments to create a beautiful urban landscape.The prettiest parts of Hanoi are around Hoan Kiem Lake. To the north is the Old Quarter where markets take over the streets, lanterns hang between trees, and decorations cover the wooden balconies.
  9. Mui Ne                                                                                         
    This beach resort is located within an easy travelling distance of Ho Chi Minh City, making it a popular choice for a weekend getaway or for travellers taking a coastal route on their Vietnam trip. Mid-range resorts are spread along the beachfront, with a few cheaper guest houses also available. Mui Ne is the perfect destination for adventure-seekers, as it has world-class windsurfing conditions throughout the dry season from October to April.The sand dunes in Mui Ne are also a uniquely beautiful destination in Vietnam, giving the appearance of a desert, with both white and red dunes nearby. Tours include options to ride across the sand dunes in an ATV or to try sandboarding down them.

  10. Son Tra Peninsula                                                                        
    Located near Da Nang, the Son Tra Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. It has escaped the development of other coastal areas after being named a natural reserve in 1997, making it a beautiful scenic trip from nearby resorts.Motorbike is the best way to see the Son Tra Peninsula, as the roads are narrow but can also be very steep, so good brakes and some power are a must! There are plenty of sites to stop and see, including the Linh Ung Pagoda, a 1000-year-old Giant Banyan Tree, and Monkey Passage with its stunning views.

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