TOP Visiting Places In Montenegro

  1. Perast                                                                       
     Perast is a small fishing village that has quickly become a hot spot for foreign investors and visitors looking to venture beyond over-populated Kotor (more on that later). Be sure to take a short boat ride from the town toward the two man made islands that have made Perast famous; Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George.
  2. Kotor                                                                      
     Located in a bay below the Lovćen mountains lies Kotor, the crowning jewel in Montenegrin tourism as it has quickly become a must visit destination following an influx of cruise ships that dock here over the summer months. The trick to visiting Kotor is to stay in the town itself, take regular day trips, and enjoy the town in peace and quiet once the cruise ships have departed for the day and the city streets are quiet and inviting. Be sure to hike the Kotor Fortress Trail for epic views over the city, a free alternative to the heavily populated Castle of San Giovanni trail that will also set you back eight euros (you can still visit the castle for free, just take the turn off on the Kotor Fortress Trail).
  3. Lovćen                                                                      
     Lovcen is a mountain in the southwest of Montenegro and offers incredible views over the mountain ranges below, often covered by a stream of low lying clouds making this destination even more ethereal. The price to enter is €2 for the national park and €5 to the mausoleum, where you can enjoy panoramic views from this man made stone lookout point.
  4. Durmitor National Park                                           
     Heading North in Montenegro may seem like a mission, but it is one that will pay in dividends when you arrive to the epic scenery inside Durmitor National Park. This is one of Montenegro’s most celebrated regions to explore and great for long day hikes or multi-day treks throughout the summer or watch as the park becomes a major ski resort from December through mid April.
  5. Sveti Stefan Island                                                    
     This small islet off the southwest coast of Montenegro is home to the uber luxe Aman Sveti Stevan property but unless you have a spare €900 I would suggest appreciating the islet from afar as it is the perfect photo opportunity. It has Awesome landscape & you may the natural beauty of earth.       
  6. Skadar Lake                                                             
     Not too far from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro you will soon run into Skadar Lake, the largest lake in southern Europe which also crosses the border to Albania. The lake is a popular choice in the summer for kayaking and other summer water sports.
  7. Biogradska Gora                                                     
     This forest national park in the north of Montenegro is home many epic lakes, mountains and even a ski resort in the colder months. There are four national parks in the country and although this is the smallest, it is easily one of the most beautiful & attractive national park.
  8. Đurđevića Tara Bridge                                                             
     Đurđevića Tara Bridge is easily one of the most photographed locations in Montenegro, located in the north in Durmitor National Park. The bridge is a concrete arch bridge over the Tara River and is idyllically located between the villages of Budečevica and Trešnjica. from Đurđevića Tara Bridge you will see the wonderful view of lakes and nature        landscape.
  9. Herceg Novi                                                            
     Although not the most popular for bay towns in southwest Montenegro, Herceg Novi is still worth a visit, especially as it is less populated by floods of tourists. Herceg Novi sits at the opening of the Bay of Kotor and at the foot of Mount Orjen. Herceg Novi Is also natural beautiful & peaceful place in Montenegro.
  10. Žabljak                                                                               
     Zabljak is the city on the highest altitude of the Balkans. It is located at the altitude of 1456 m. Located in the very centre of enormous mountain of Durmitor – and in the middle of Durmitor National Park. ... For its natural beauties emerging at each step Zabljak attracts a large number of visitors during the summer. It is one of the beautiful sight-seen place in Montenegro.                                                                                                                    For More Travel & Visiting Places Information Click Here For Booking Accommodation At  Cheap Price Click Here   

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